05 Jan

How hard is it for a ballplayer that does not have the simple basic skills to really enjoy playing the game? Extremely hard and one the biggest reasons ballplayers quit playing the game. 

When you struggle with simple things in the game, the more complex things like game situation and focus, become even more difficult. As a Coach I see this struggle all the way up to the high school level. What has come to my realization is there needs to be a better way to practice the basic skills. That is where the development of the Gummy Games Softball and Baseball Camps came about. The Camps practice the very skills ballplayers need to genuinely enjoy playing their sport.

To learn in detail the important skills needed read my blog- Master Key of Softball. In the Master Key of Softball blog I talk about the frustration of a ballplayer that struggles with the basic skills and why these skills must be constantly practiced. There are booklets available to practice the skills, one of which is “Power Up Your Softball Game”. This booklet has drills to work on to improve skills. Inspired by my grand children I transformed the Power Up Drills into Gummy Games. With the Gummy Games a ballplayer can have fun practicing and earn a reward for completing a task. 

My mission is to help young ballplayers gain self-confidence so that they will continue playing the great sports of Softball and Baseball. That will also be the Goal for the Gummy Games Camps.  

If you would like to know more about the Gummy Games Camps and how you can do your own Camp please email me (click the email icon on the top right header above). Always looking for Sponsors! If this is something you would like to help Sponsor or donate to- email me for more info! 

My first Camp with be in my hometown starting in May. Click here to learn more about this event!

Coach Roth

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