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My mission is to help young ballplayers gain self-confidence so that they will continue playing the great sports of Softball and Baseball!

- Coach Roth

Richland County Sports Complex
  •  1/17/2023 01:05 PM

New Batting Cage Facility to open soon!

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Part 2 – Starting Your BOSS Journey
  •  11/10/2022 03:17 PM

How to get motivated to do the work to improve and handle hard work better.

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Part 1- Ballplayer Off Season Strategy (BOSS)
  •  11/5/2022 03:11 PM

Be the “BOSS” and start your strategy to be the best today!

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First Gummy Games Camp
  •  3/5/2022 01:42 PM

First Gummy Games Camp highlights.

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  •  5/15/2022 03:30 PM

Gummy Games Softball Camps will continue but not yet sure on Days, Times and Locations so keep checking back here.

  •  2/20/2022 03:30 PM
  •   Sidney, MT, USA

Gummy Games Softball Camp for Sidney, MT will be February 20th of 2022! This Camp is full- be on the the lookout for other Gummy Games Camp dates on this site! Learning about fundamental skills have never been so fun and rewarding!

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Softball and Baseball Gummy Game booklets are geared for the younger player (to be honest the older players love them too). They include drills that are in game format to make learning and practicing the game fun and rewarding. Both booklets are fantastic practice aids! Organizations are using the Gummy Games booklet for Camps! If you would like more info on this let me know and I can help get your organization set up! If your organization is too busy to do a Camp the booklets are still great for Team practices. Get a booklet for each player and easily turn the activities in the booklet into a Team practice. Great for Coaches searching for practice ideas!  Best part, I believe, is the booklets encourage softball players to continue doing the activities on their own to enhance their improvement!
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Team Fundraiser Letter

In conjunction with My Softball Journey booklet use this letter as a guide for your team's fundraising. Download and modify this letter for you and your team.

Team Fundraising Video

Video on team fundraising with My Softball Journey booklets.

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