20 Oct

Have you ever tried unlocking a door with a key that doesn’t work? The struggle is real.  Trying to do so is frustrating. If you are fortunate someone may tell you, “I have a Master Key”.  Sure enough, you use the Master Key and the door magically opens. Oh Joy, what a relief. 

Do you have a similar struggle when you are playing softball? Frustration. Angst. Asking yourself at times, “why are things not working”? Well fortunately there is a Master Key that you can use to unlock your full potential and generate positive improvements. By utilizing the Master Key- softball becomes more enjoyable and rewarding. 

The Master Key of softball consists of three skills that must be practiced diligently. The three skills are: 

  • Hand/Eye Coordination

 Hand/Eye Coordination is something that requires the hands and eyes to work together. To be particularly good at catching, hitting, and throwing a softball one’s hand/eye coordination must be particularly good also. 

  • Focus

 Focus is an important skill that requires our mind to zoom in on a certain task. Good focus can help with every aspect in the game of softball. Getting “in the moment” and not thinking of past or future thoughts, aid in acquiring good focus. 

  • Confidence

Confidence is built on repetitions. Doing things successfully over and over creates a confident state of mind. Once confidence is increased, doubts and frustration decrease. Nothing can deter a confident player. The sky becomes the limit.   

To make the Master Key work you will need to practice all three of the Master Key skills. If you only practice one or two of the skills, then just like the key that doesn’t work, mistakes and frustration result. All three skills must be practiced together to improve at each skill. Improving each skill upgrades your overall softball play. 

I have created a softball booklet with drills that practice all three Master Key skills. It is called- Power Up your softball game. Awesome for softball players of all ages. By doing the drills in this booklet you will enhance your hand/eye coordination and focus. Also, by doing the repetitions in the drills greater confidence can be obtained. Use the Master Key and Power Up!   

Check out Power Up your softball game booklet on link below-

 Power Up your softball game

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