30 May

Free fun as in fundamental tips and drills for fastpitch and slowpitch softball. Check back here for updates.

Fun Tip by Coach Roth-

Here is my favorite tip for working on your game. This is good for the times we are in being stuck up at home. Only takes a ball and a wall. Pick the ball of your choice. and a wall or step. I prefer a tennis ball.  Glove is optional.

 Start about 10 feet away from wall. Bounce ball against the wall straight on. Use proper fielding form and catch the ball out front then toss back. Do this 10 times successfully. Then move to forehand with feet adjusted and set. Glove side foot should be back and front foot ahead. Do that 10 times successfully. Move feet to back hand. Feet should be reverse of forehand. Do this 10 times successfully. 

 Make sure each time you are looking ball into hands with good fielding form. Try 3 sets of these a day.  

 Happy 🙂 Softballing, 

 -Coach Roth

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