01 Mar

It is easy to think that a softball player has no need to journal their sport. I mean, why put up with the hassle of writing down goals or tracking improvements? And how can a few words written down about daily practices or games change anything?

Well having a short term, give me results now outlook- yes, you’re probably not going to see quick results or changes right away. But, as a coach, I believe into looking at the long term, over time benefits of softball journaling.

As a society we get stuck in the fast food, give it to me now mentality. The faster, the better- so we think. What if when as a player your first few times you tried to catch a softball you missed or the first few times you tried to hit a softball you swung and missed? For most of us this happened. Yet persevering we kept on trying and became better. Short term we most likely struggled but in the long term we became much improved. Think of journaling the same way. In the short term it may be a bit of a struggle, seeing minor results. But as you continue working at it, your journaling will improve. It will become easier and the benefits will increase. Long term results can be life changing to the better!

Pretty big statement saying benefits can be life changing, right. Think about it though, it is usually only a tiny difference between softball players to see who plays or who may have to ride the pine. Would it not be life changing for the softball player if they reaped the benefits of journaling to help them earn their way into the starting lineup? I say most definitely- yes!

OK, I keep talking about benefits of journaling. What are they and how can they help softball players? Watch this short video from a Sports Performance Specialist for journaling benefits….  

So, to summarize from the video, journaling can be therapeutic by helping to alleviate stress. If this was the only benefit from journaling, that alone would be totally awesome. Alleviating stress allows for clearer thinking and being less anxious. Two things that a softball player can really benefit from. 

But wait- there’s more. As referenced in the video, journaling in softball can help the player be their own coach. This is huge! Journaling aids the player in figuring out how to correct or adjust to improve without relying solely on their coach. This creates a more efficient way of learning leading to greater self-confidence. And having greater self-confidence is definitely life changing to the better! 

Now that we understand some of the outstanding benefits of journaling, a great way to get started is by using a booklet like My Softball Journey. My Softball Journey is simply the best softball journaling booklet available today. Add in the other awesome booklet features like drills and improvement tracking this booklet becomes a huge win-win! 

My goal with creating the My Softball Journey booklet was to help youth softball players become the best they can be. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make a season full of memories to cherish forever! Order today- Click here for more info!  

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