05 Nov

 If you have been around my neighborhood you have probably seen me walking by. I have had some past health issues including Cancer so I decided that I would make walking a routine to better my health. It has certainly upped my energy level plus shed off a few pounds (still need more off lol). I’m on my 2nd year of dedicating time to do walking and feel much better overall and thankful I put in the time. 

For my routine to work I had to have a strategy. 

Strategy: a plan of action designed to achieve a major or overall aim 

My plan of action was to start slow but make a persistent effort to keep going. Not only that I challenged myself to longer walking goals. I am at the spot where I am walking over 10,000 steps per day. It wasn’t easy but like the saying goes-

 “Nothing great in life ever comes easy” 


“In life, what you really want; will never come easy.” 

Just like in life- all sports, especially Softball, require a strategy if you want to improve. No better time than the off season to make that commitment.  We all want to be good at playing our sport and Lord knows the sport is more enjoyable when we are playing our best.  However, with no off season work or strategy to improve there are only excuses left for bad performance. 

Take being a Softball pitcher for example. Expecting to simply show up during the season, not putting in the many hours needed in the off season will surely lead to disaster. As a longtime Coach I’ve witnessed the highs and lows of Softball pitchers. The ones that spent many hours working on their pitching in the off season were by far more successful. Good pitchers have a strategy and put in the time that allows them to be their best. 

An awesome strategy would be to get my booklets- “My Softball Journey” and “Softball Gummy Games” They are great helpers for developing mentally and physically a strategy to improve your Softball game. They offer guidelines on improving and challenge your abilities resulting in better game play.

My strategy for walking was to start slow and work my way up. Using that formula I have created a perfect strategy to improve your Softball game (and every sport for that matter). It is a simple 3 step plan- 

  • 1) Get a tennis ball.
  • 2) Bounce tennis ball against the wall at least 100 times and catch it.
  • 3) Work your way up to higher numbers- 200, 500 or more per day.

You don’t need to do it all at one time but make an effort to do a set number each day. If you miss a day make it up on the next day or weekend. Stand farther away from the wall you are bouncing it off as you get better to challenge yourself. Start by doing a whole month or 30 days. If you notice benefits keep going.

My Guarantee- After 30 days your focus, hand/eye coordination and confidence will greatly increase. 

Be the “BOSS” and start your strategy to be the best today! 

-Coach Roth

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